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AJ Wear it Pink with pride

Ibby, Sam and Vince

2021 is the 20th year of Wear it Pink with over £36 million raised in support of breast cancer since 2002.

Sadly, many fundraising events been unable to take place since March 2020 and not only events but vital treatment and screenings have also been delayed or even cancelled as a direct consequence of the pandemic.

This is a cause close to AJ hearts so Wear it Pink is an ideal charity event for us to be part of. With food and drink also close to our hearts (sharing recipe tips and dinner suggestions form a large part of office discussions) our fundraising focussed firmly on ‘eating and drinking pink’ throughout the day along with donning our finest pink garb.

Clockwise from top left: Solene, Eva, Jack, Helen, Lesley, Newt & Alice

We kicked off with Rachel’s perfectly pink sourdough bagels for breakfast, moving on to a lunch including autumnal slaw and beetroot hummus and finishing up with Jack’s beetroot brownies for pudding (yes, there was a fair amount of beetroot consumed). Alice provided the drinks; delicious concoctions of raspberry, pomegranate and fizz and office dog, Newt, ran off with most of the prosciutto.

This all helped fuel the energy required for our general knowledge Wear it Pink quiz – congratulations to winner Eva who demonstrated an impressive knowledge of film & TV (as befits a TV planner/buyer!).

With a minimum donation of £10 each, matched by AJ, it was a successful, if bittersweet, day for the team, raising much needed funds for a great cause while remembering and supporting family and friends.

And if you didn’t know:

55,920 new cases of breast cancer in the UK every year.

Over 11,500 breast cancer deaths in the UK every year, that’s 32 every day.

So every penny towards research and support really counts.