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Expert advice for the future

Deborah Meaden was part of the recent virtual ITV Showcase 2021 event that focuses on the future of business, where she shares her experience of the pandemic and offers tips and advice on adapting to change and the importance of looking forwards.

It’s a really interesting watch and we agree with her message. Here at AJ, we found very quickly the clients that were forward thinking and ready and willing to adapt and this has paid dividends. And on the flip side. those who were just waiting for it all to end have now been left behind.

We are thankful we have so many clients who have thrived during the new world we find ourselves in and have not just made short-term fixes waiting for ‘normal’ to return but who will take their changes into the future having found that they have been so positive they would not want to go back.

You can view Deborah Meadens’s video via the link below:,1RE1B,A1H1MT,61SR9,1

Alice Buttling, MD & Media Director