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Inboxes are full, what next?

It’s estimated that email volumes have jumped by a staggering 300%-500% during the pandemic, meaning customers are receiving more emails than ever before.

Because of this, the average email open-rate in the UK has dropped to between 10% and 15%, so for every email you send to 10 people, 9 won’t read it.

The cost of sending an email is small, so it is not about ROI in particular, it’s more about exposure to your customers and getting your message across. And if up to 90% of your customer emails are not being read, now could be the time to invest in other options.

Direct Mail. Postcards. Letters. Envelopes. The Post.

It’s a lot harder to ignore a letter than an email; receiving a physical piece of personalised mail is valued. And personalised mail is read too; in fact, if a letter or postcard is sat on the table, it’s often read multiple times!

Businesses relying on digital methods to communicate with their customer database could be missing out on sales. So, we are helping clients overcome this with a range of mailings that are easy to create, efficient and extremely flexible. As a result, many of our clients have seen ROI figures of up to 10:1 from personalised, postcard mailings.

If you’re not currently including postal options in your mix, maybe it’s time to reconsider?

If you would like to see how AJ could help you make the most of mail, please get in touch with Lesley Bowman: