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Hot off the press

Something to celebrate…

Last year at AJ, we, like many other businesses, continued to do what we do, as best as we could, doing our utmost to help deliver our usual services to our clients and help them continue to drive sales.

While some businesses thrived during this time, because their products or services were in demand more than ever, others, due to their product or method of selling, had to shut up shop, furlough staff and watch from the sidelines.

What we have seen amongst our AJ clients, however, is an impressive demonstration of innovation, determination and creativity to tackle the many restrictions and challenges thrown at them: being open minded to the opportunities we threw at them, changing selling routes, moving budgets, trying new media, introducing virtual selling. As a result, clients have continued to promote and sell product and meet the needs of their customers.  In many cases they have not only survived, but thrived.

Because of this gritty determination and frankly impressive performances, we created the AJ Best of the Best Awards. Taking the Oscars as our cue – and in all honesty some rather tenuous links to suit their awards titles – we are delighted to announce our first ever winners of these prestigious awards.

We have rewarded individual performances along with team efforts and creativity. Each client is in receipt of a gleaming, chocolate ‘Oscar’ which we hope will take pride of place in their home – until it is eaten – and card (pictured) explaining exactly why we have chosen to applaud their effort.

While a bit of fun and something we hope has put a smile on clients’ faces, we do genuinely thank all our clients for their continued belief in ourselves as the right partner to work with, particularly during these tumultuous times.