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What’s stopping you getting on TV?

TV is more effective than ever! It grabs attention more than any other media. It offers instant impact and could possibly make you famous. So what’s stopping you?

Too expensive? Not true. One of the most common misconceptions about TV is that producing a TV ad is expensive, but this doesn’t have to be the case. A great and effective TV ad is possible to make, even on a smaller budget.

The cost of production has come down dramatically as technology has rapidly advanced. Stills cameras with a video function are often used now instead of expensive high-end video cameras and even mobile phones with a 4k capability are capable of creating a professional looking commercial. Other tried and tested techniques can also be used to greatly reduce the cost of a commercial yet still retain a high level of production quality. These include:

Using a green screen

Watch the weather forecast? That weather map isn’t really there, it’s been superimposed behind the presenter using a screen. Green screens are a very cost-effective way of putting someone in an environment without the cost of physically creating it.

Library Footage

Need a Mediterranean beach scene, someone running, a simple smile, raindrops on a flower? Library footage covers a vast range of subjects and can save a fortune on location and other production costs.

Still images

Surely not? TV is about moving images. Actually, still images can be brought to life quite easily. Using special effects and editing techniques, a sense of movement can be created at very low cost.

Re-use or adapt existing content

Often video content previously created for a company website or social media can be re-used and adapted to produce a commercial for broadcast TV. A great way to create synergy across the different platforms.


Depending on the style, significant savings can be made using animation compared to the same scenario created with live action.


Still in its infancy but electronic replication of the human voice means soon the cost of adding a voiceover to a commercial will come down dramatically and of course – no repeat fees.

Here at AJ we use any one of these production methods to create great value, high production value commercials that deliver maximum response and ROI for our clients. Starting from as little as £5k they are a great way to test TV for the first time, particularly when combined with one of our range of Script to Screen Packages. Depending on the level of production you choose, they start from just £36k. Each one includes a 60 second DRTV commercial, a 2 month’s targeted and tracked daytime TV campaign plus a full results analysis.

With TV continuing to outperform all other advertising media, both in the short and long term, the question really is: Can you actually afford not to be on TV anymore?