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If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit..

Odds on a fair number of you reading this headline sang the next words to this slogan..

For the unfamiliar, this was a stupidly catchy ad for Jacobs 80’s chocolate treat ‘Club’.

The line is ‘If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our club’.

When we asked the team which classic TV adverts they remembered from childhood, we really opened the floodgates. We were inundated with blasts from the past – but what is it about these TV ads that evoke such strong memories?

And do today’s TV adverts have the same effect?

We form our strongest memories in childhood and into our teens. We all love a healthy shot of nostalgia, so it’s no surprise that we retain a strong connection with commercials from our youth. And this might be many years or even decades later. Today’s adverts are very different and maybe not as memorable – but that doesn’t mean they are not as effective.

Like everything else, advertising is constantly evolving.

TV adverts today must work hard to convey product benefits and brand values. In an increasingly noisy media environment, clients no longer consider a catchy jingle and flashy graphics as sufficient material to stand out. Considering today’s fiercely competitive product marketplace, adverts need to do and say more to drive purchase.

There are now around 480 commercial TV channels in the UK.

So, to have a real standout ad that everyone knows and is talking about is almost impossible. (The only exceptions to this are certain Christmas ads and we will be re-visiting this topic later in the year).

Sadly, the days of everyone walking around humming the same advertising jingle now seem to be long gone. Here at AJ, we all enjoyed our trip down memory lane – so much so we’ve put a few of our favourites together. We hope you enjoy them and we’d love to know which of your favourite TV adverts we missed. Please drop your thoughts to me:

Could your brand go down in TV advert history?

If you think your brand could be a contender to be a future classic TV advert and you’d like to know more about TV advertising read our post about how you can get on air cost effectively‘AJs-favourite-Ads-.mp4